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Disclosure Policy

IR policy and disclaimer

Basic policy

e-Seikatsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) keeps disclosing accurate, unbiased information timely to investors in accordance with related laws and regulations as well as rules such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the Timely Disclosure Regulations set forth by Tokyo Stock Exchange(TSE). In addition, our company recognizes IR activities as important items for business administration, and strives to voluntarily disclose even information not mentioned in the regulations for timely disclosure or the like, if it is considered helpful for having investors understand our company’s business more deeply.

Timely disclosure system

Our company’s timely disclosure system is as follows.

(In-company system for timely disclosing corporate information)

The in-company system (manager, sections and staff in charge of information disclosure) for our corporate information (including all kinds of information for IR and public relations) is as follows.

(1) Information disclosure manager
Representative Director, Vice-president, and CFO (corporate group leader)

(2) Related to timely disclosure regulations (timely disclosure of corporate information, etc.)
Financial Affairs Division, Corporate Dept. of the Corporate Group

(3) Related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (securities reports, etc.)
Financial Affairs Division, Corporate Dept. of the Corporate Group

(4) Related to the Companies Act (general meetings of shareholders, public notice, etc.)
Legal Affairs Division, Corporate Dept. of the Corporate Group

(5) IR activities
Representative Director, President, and CEO
Representative Director, Vice-president, and CFO (corporate group leader)
Financial Affairs Division, Corporate Dept. of the Corporate Group

(6) PR activities
General Affairs Division, Corporate Dept. of the Corporate Group

(Procedures for timely disclosure)

(1) Decisions

With regard to decisions such as dividends of surplus, etc., the information disclosure manager judges the importance and necessity of information disclosure, and if it is necessary, the board of directors or the management council determines items to be disclosed.
As for the items to be disclosed, they may receive advice from a comptroller or a corporate lawyer, if necessary.

(2) Occurrences

With regard to occurrences such as shareholders’ request for convocation of a general meeting of shareholders, etc., they are reported to the information disclosure manager, and after their facts are confirmed and if necessary, our company receives advice from a comptroller or a corporate lawyer and said occurrences are disclosed swiftly.

(3) Financial information

With regard to financial information, such as brief reports on financial results, the representative director, vice-president, and CFO (corporate group leader) serves as information disclosure manager. After receiving audit, review, advice, etc. from a comptroller, the board of directors or the management council approves financial information and items to be disclosed, and then said information is disclosed swiftly following instructions from the information disclosure manager.

(Timely disclosure method)

With regard to the information to be disclosed timely and the information not mentioned in the regulations for timely disclosure (information judged useful for investment judgment), we announce them by registering them in the TSE’s Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) and disclosing them via our website (uploading them soon after the announcement).

System for managing internal information

With regard to the management of our important information, an information control manager (corporate group leader) and staff in charge of information (each group leader) are appointed, for unified information management. Our company set “the regulations for preventing insider transactions.” If an executive or employee of our company gets to know important facts regarding our company or business partner (including our subsidiary) in the course of duties, he/she will report them to the information control manager via staff in charge of information control, and the information control manager will give necessary instructions. If executives, employees (including their family members living together), and related persons outside our company trade the shares, etc. of our company or designated business partners, they shall consult with the information control manager to check whether said trade falls under an insider transaction. In order to enhance staff’s awareness, we educate employees when necessary, to diffuse related laws and in-company rules thoroughly.

Measures for promoting constructive dialogue

Our company continuously implements the following measures for promoting constructive dialogue with investors.

(1) Efforts for enriching means for dialogue

The financial affairs division, which deals with IR-related inquiries, accepts IR-related interviews, including telephone and face-to-face meetings, from investors, and holds a semi-annual session for analysts and institutional investors about financial results, where the representative director, president, and CEO or the representative director and CFO gives explanations.
In addition, our company uploads the summary (flash report) of monthly results, including sales and operating income, in the previous month onto the websites of our company and TSEeach month.

(2) Feedback to the inside of our company

The opinions of shareholders written in the voting forms for general meetings of shareholders are shared by directors, and questions and answers at results briefing sessions, etc. are disclosed via our website and reported to staff inside our company. The IR-related interviews, etc. by investors are reported to the management.

Quiet period

If the date of dialogue with investors falls on a period from the day after a quarterly closing date to the following results announcement date, we pay attention to the management of insider information, by refraining from talking about recent results during the “quiet period.”

Information on forecasts and disclaimer

Forecasts of our business performance disclosed by our company (including estimated revenue, financial figures, plans, forecasts, and estimates regarding business and strategies) are based on judgements and assumptions with information available at the time of disclosure, and do not ensure or guarantee the achievement of estimated figures or the completion of measures, and may be significantly different from actual results, due to economic situations, changes in the market environment, etc.

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